How to Find a Good Doctor

The best time to find a doctor is when you don't need one! Ask your friends for recommendations. A good source of referrals can be nurses and other paramedical staff.

The Importance of Senior Health - Growing older often means a heightened awareness of our bodies and common ailments that can occur more frequently.

Five Things You Dont and should Know About Stress - A myth-busting essay on managing stress for high performance.

Poisons All Around Us - Debra Lynn Dadd speaks with Craig Pepin-Donat about the startling health risks created by toxic chemicals in everyday cleaning products.

A Doctor Excuse Gives An Adult A Break From Work - Doctors Excuses Relieve many from work or school -- when absolutely needed.

Fitness An Exercise Bike Can Be Fun - If you're anything like me, you may need to lose a few extra pounds.

Fitness Force Slendertone - In an effort to lose some weight and inches off of their body, individuals will try a wide variety of different things.

Telomeres Telemorase And Eternity - Within the next ten years, I believe there will be quantum advances in Health care (please be cognizant that I said Health Care and not Sick Care which is what we have today).

Herbs etcThere is a reawakening to our past - More and more people are looking for natural ways to enhance their health and/or deal with illness.

Powerful Tips for Self Improvement - Self improvement is all about dreaming, setting a goal, working at it and staying in a disciplined environment to achieve, the desired goal.

Why healthy aging would be so easy if more people knew the facts - I like you to see what I see and give you some food for thought about the world we are living in today.

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