How to Find a Good Doctor

The best time to find a doctor is when you don't need one! Ask your friends for recommendations. A good source of referrals can be nurses and other paramedical staff.


Ways To Acne Free Skin

Having acne is can be one of the most troublesome condition one can have. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, acne can affect you physically, emotionally and socially. While there are many top acne treatments around, we will take a look at 3 things you can do to prevent any further breakouts in the future.

1) Remove excess oil - Overproduction of oil in the skin can aggravate acne. This is one of the major factors that leads to breakouts. By keeping your skin oil free, you will be able to prevent the pores from being clogged. Keeping your skin dry does not mean that you do not need a moisturizer. On the contrary, you should keep your skin hydrated with an oil free moisturizer. This will help to keep your skin balanced and strong Another recommendation is to use an acne face wash to remove bacteria on the skin.

2) Water - We may not think there is a link between dehydration and acne but that this not true. When you skin's structure is weak, you will have the tendency to breakout. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Also cut down on sodas and caffeine.

3) Using wrong products - Acne can be caused by using the wrong skin care products or cosmetics. This is true especially if you use cold creams or heavy make up. There are instances whereby people use think make up to try to hide their blemishes. This will actually worsen the acne. It is not so difficult to keep acne away if you follow these 3 steps. Just be more mindful in the products you use as well as your diet and water intake.

If you keep an eye on these 3 factors, you will be able to have blemish free skin.

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