How to Find a Good Doctor

The best time to find a doctor is when you don't need one! Ask your friends for recommendations. A good source of referrals can be nurses and other paramedical staff.


Organic HerbsThings to Consider When Buying

Organic Herbs are grown by both large scale corporate manufacturers and small local growers. The quality of food by grown by large scale farmers has given rise to the organic foods crowd. The massive nutrient deficiency problems and harmful pesticides used in the corporate growing industry has led people reconsider how they buy their food. The challenge is that the supply/demand curve takes time to bring down the high price of organic foods and organic herbs. Another consideration when buying organic herbs and organic foods is whether to buy from small local growers or large corporate growers.

Large producers of both have pricing advantages due to there large scale production advantage but there are hidden pricing factors that make the more expensive small local growers appealing to the organic foods crowd The best choice for purchasing organic herbs is to buy from small scale local family farmers. The fact that small local organic herb growers have greater control over their growing practices (pesticide use) and have virtually no potency reducing transportation times (environmental pollution) ensures that the long term dangers to the nations health is reduced. Small family operations typically have a greater environmental protection mindset due to the fact that the land they grow on is their valued personal property. The higher prices come from the supply and demand continuum. Slower and smaller production ensures higher prices.

All commerce is a matter of economics when buying in bulk. Larger growers have discounted pricing but result in larger indirect costs of health problems as a result of the corporate farming practices. Large scale farmers tend to focus on one or two herbs and grow the same ones on the same soil over and over while never allowing the soil to replenish its nutrients through other crop growth and/or resting the soil. These practices lead to disease and illness due to the lack of nutrients in the herbs and environmental damage from depletion of the soil.

Additionally you must consider the time issue. Buying locally ensures that the product is properly dried and not sitting on railroad cars or trucks while in green state and going though the dying time in the presence of road pollutants and pest laden railroad cars. So, in my opinion the small organic grower is no more costly than the large corporate grower when you factor in these unseen long term expenses. That nagging factor of environmental damage costs and likely future medical costs from poor nutrtient density of corporate growers seems to level the field of pricing between large growers and small local growers. Due to that fact that large scale growers aren't able crop rotate their land the disease resistance factor in the plants is reduced over time, thereby requiring more petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides to deliver a crop.

Because of these issues and the longer term financial impact on you, at the end of the day you will still pay a price comparable to bulk organic herbs.

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