How to Find a Good Doctor

The best time to find a doctor is when you don't need one! Ask your friends for recommendations. A good source of referrals can be nurses and other paramedical staff.


Make Your Own Healing Flower Essences

Bach flower remedies are becoming more and more popular in natural healing because of their profound yet exceptionally gentle healing effects. There are many books and websites describing the action of each flower essence, along with sources for buying essences already prepared. These sources are very valuable for both natural health professionals and the 'home' users. However, EVERY flower essence has some vibrational effect when properly prepared. If a flower really catches your eye, you may consider whether the flower speaks to you on another level - the vibration of that flower may have the potential to deeply affect your own healing process.

Whether you can find information about that flower remedy's healing effects shouldn't stop you from giving it's essence a try. Flower essences are simple to prepare, and you and your loved ones may really benefit from their use. To make a flower essence, you'll need the following equipment: A clear glass bowl; fresh spring water; sharp scissors; a journal or notebook and pens or pencils; a glass funnel; strainer or muslin/cheesecloth; tweezers; a glass bottle; a preservative - apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin, or brandy; a wildflower guide can be useful, along with a camera. It is wonderful to also bring a gift to offer in gratitude to the plants that you intend to harvest. Some lovely gift suggestions might include Lobelia or other herbs including: Sage, Sweetgrass, or Cornmeal; a prayer; a song or poem; or a personal offering of your choice.

This offering of the gift is an opportunity to cultivate a relationship with the flowers so as long as the offering is genuine and from your heart it will be blessed and well received. After gathering your equipment, you'll want to clearly identify the flowers that you would like to make into an essence. In order to make the highest vibration essence possible the following guidelines are helpful: the plants should be growing in a natural setting or cultivated organically; away from traffic; and should be growing abundantly. Prior to harvesting it is wonderful to enjoy spending some time meditating with mediation with the plants.

Getting clear and grounding yourself before making the essences is helpful in developing the relationship with the plants. Before you harvest it is proper to ask permission of the plants to harvest the flowers. When harvesting, please do not take the elder plants. These can be identified by noticing the largest and oldest flowers. After asking permission to harvest, wait for an 'answer' from the plants.

Stay open to recognizing when your answer appears. After sitting with the plant in meditation and when you feel the timing is appropriate begin by making your offering. This is a precious opportunity to commune with the plant. The process of making the flower essence blend is beautiful and sacred. Begin by preparing yourself through meditation or prayer. Open to the peaceful present moment in order to make a blend that is clear and full potency.

It is not helpful to make the flowers when your thoughts or emotions are in turmoil or hectic. The best point in time to harvest the flowers is when the plant is at its peak power, which generally occurs sometime between 11:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. It is a wonderful choice to use the pure flowing water that is found near the flowers that you intend a harvest. The next step is to take your glass bowl and fill it with water. Using the new scissors cut the most auspicious of the plants blooms.

Remember to never touch the flowers themselves. Allow the flower blooms to drop gently into the top of water. Cover the entire surface of the water in the glass with the flower blossoms. Then allow the flowers to sit in the water for several hours to allow the flowers to transfer their vibrational energy to the water. As you wait for the flowers to charge the water, enjoy this time to hike, draw, journal, meditate, pray, or take photos. As you sit with the plant you may become dear friends.

Allow your intution to open and learn everything from the flowers that they are willing to share. This is a lovely time to deeply connect with the flowers. Learn about the plant by drawing or photographing it. You might enjoy noting any physical aspects of the plant that you suspect are related to its healing properties.

Some ideas include noting the colors; textures; energies; aroma; shape; arrangement and number of petals. After the water has been infused you will remove the flowers from the glass bowl with your tweezers. Release the flowers back to the earth and the surrounding environment. Then place the funnel in the large glass bottle. Pour the flower water through the strainer and into the bottle.

If there is any remaining water you can either drink it or offer it back to the plants or both. Once you arrive home you'll want to label the 'mother tincture' with the name of the plant, the location, date, and any other pertinent information. The next step is to preserve your hand-made flower essence in an equal amount of brandy or other tincture preservative. After adding the preservative, the essences they will remian viable for over two years if kept in a dark glass bottle in a dry cool storage. You may also want to place a crystal or other beautiful object near your flowers. Instructions on making a flower essence dosage bottle: Fill a one ounce clean dark glass or cobalt blue glass dropper bottle with water.

Add in seven drops of your 'mother tincture' flower essence to the bottle. Add a small amount of brandy or other preservative. Gentlly spiral the essence bottle while holding in your heart a personal prayer. Personal doses of four to six drops of this bottle can be taken as needed. Remember, more drops are not necessarily better - trust your instinct when deciding how many drops to take at one time. In order to most effectively use your personal flower essence, you'll want to Use your flowers on a regular basis.

Remember that being consistent in using the flowers is the key to receiving the beautiful benefits. It is lovely to always set an intention or prayer before using your flowers. The flowers can be taken in the mouth (neat); added to one's drinking water; added to a bath; applied to the crown of the head of feet (this works great for children and animals); any variety of ways that feels appropriate to you. It is safe to take flower essences when taking homeopathic or personal prescription medications.

You can also use flowers when taking herbs or other nourishing foods. Flowers can also be used when fasting, when pregnant and with children and animals. The flowers will not conflict with other methods of healing.

Flower essences are vibrational medicines that support healing from within and without. Trust the healing process. You are whole. You are divine.

Flower essence therapy and aromatherapy can be used in a complementary manner. Explore the world of vibrational medicine at

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