How to Find a Good Doctor

The best time to find a doctor is when you don't need one! Ask your friends for recommendations. A good source of referrals can be nurses and other paramedical staff.


Make the Most of Your Hairloss Treatments

If you're suffering from alopecia - the medical term for hairloss - you need to know that you need not stay helpless. Hairloss treatments are available in one form or another; the most common forms of treating alopecia are by surgery or medicine. You will need to go to a reliable hair clinic to find out which treatments are right for you. The one thing you need to remember about hairloss treatments is that they may sound expensive, but they don't need to be! And at any rate, wouldn't you pay any price to get your precious hair back? To stop time and relive those precious younger days when you were able to style your hair any way you wanted? Hairloss is a problem that many of us face, but it's not the kind of problem we have to face sitting down. Hairloss, in one form or another, is a genetic condition experienced by 70 percent of all men and around 40 percent of all women by the time they hit middle age.

Some of us may also carry the alopecia or hairloss gene, but not experience its effects - instead, we pass it on to our offspring. If you'd like to know your chances of experiencing alopecia, look at your grandparents, not your parents, uncles, aunts or siblings! Did Grandfather lose his hair early on? Did grandmother wear a wig to hide her sparse hair? If so, there's an increased likelihood that you'll experience alopecia later in your life, as well. Surgical hair transplants are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to hair loss in this day and age.

The advent of technological breakthroughs such as microscopic follicular unit technology has made hair surgery more attractive now than it was back in the day when hair surgeons were stuck with traditional grafting procedures. Thanks to this procedure, it is now possible for surgeons to "fine tune" their grafting paths in order not to strike at any major hair root systems, thus damaging the "natural" look around the grafted area. But doesn't a fancy name like "microscopic follicular unit technology" call for major spending? Not necessarily! Reliable and accredited hair clinics can offer you great allowances and discounts, so make sure to ask for them, if you're interested in getting a hair transplant.

Medicines such as Propecia and Rogaine also count as hairloss treatments, and they may also be expensive, especially since you have to take them for a prolonged period. But don't fear - health insurance and clinic discounts ought to make your medical purchases fall within the budget. provides you with information on female hair loss, male hair loss, hairloss treatments, hairpieces and permanent hair transplant. Take a look at

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