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Hair Loss Treatment Provillus

Mostly, hair loss occurs in man but it can occur in woman as well. Losing hair in woman is a very difficult situation, since woman always want to look attractive and beautiful. Hair loss is a problem, especially to woman. Woman who losses her hair can cause psychological problem. It can make her change her feelings about herself and with her partner as well. If you are using a hair loss treatment which fails to differentiate this, it could be very ineffective and you will be lucky of you see any results.

Best case scenario would be that you see no difference but in the worst case, you could end up losing even more hair. Many females will experience hair loss with the changes of their hormones. With that in mind, women will use hair loss treatments which are designed to combat these causes.

Men on the other hand may lose hair for an entirely different reason altogether so treatment for men should be different. Men usually lose their hair due to genetics. This may mean that other male members of the family have or will suffer with hair loss. Usually, a hair loss product which stimulates the scalp allowing the re growth of hair is the one which should be look at in this case. Men usually suffer from a condition called Male pattern Baldness. This usually occurs on top of the head.

Male Pattern Baldness is also known as Androgenic Alopecia and this condition can usually run through the family. This is the main factor when it comes to hair loss in men. Men produce a hormone/testerone called DHT. It is the DHT which does damage by shrinking the hair follicles and thickening the scalp, which limits the blood flow to the area.

The hair falls out because of this and does not grow back. That is just a very basic explanation just so you can understand the importance of using a hair loss product designed to meet your needs. A male suffering from baldness would really need to find a product designed for men and men only.

How effective is Provillus It's a matter of fact that the ingredients Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Vitamin B and others help to block DHT and provide your hair follicles with the nutrients they need. Provillus contains a high dosage of Saw Palmetto and other ingredients in a very favorable combination. And because Provillus is all natural ingredients (which is good for the whole body and not just the scalp), there are usually no horrible side effects as you can get with may of the prescription based hair loss treatments. The type of ingredients you'll find in Provillus Hair Treatment is: Saw Palmetto (which is an approved ingredient by the FDA for use in hair loss treatments), vitamin B6 (which boosts red blood cells), Biotin (a vitamin that nourishes the hair and scalp), nettle root, zinc, pumpkin oil extract and magnesium. How to use Provillus Provillus pills are taken orally once a day.

onsult your doctor before taking any medications or methods. Your doctor can help you out with your problem, he can tell which method or medication that is going to be effective with your hair loss.

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