How to Find a Good Doctor

The best time to find a doctor is when you don't need one! Ask your friends for recommendations. A good source of referrals can be nurses and other paramedical staff.


Fitness Your Mind And You

Your mental dynamo has assimilated several facts and whirled out two simple messages - aerobic exercising and fatless food are vital for healthy living. The sleeper in you is awakening and your - ears can now catch that soft inner voice calling out insistently -urging you to act. Now, you know how much you should exercise to keep your body vibrantly fit. Now, you know how to reduce fat and sugar intake to tune your body into health.

Let us presume that you are striding along the fitness path. It is possible that you have not yet begun to feel its positive effects. You could be into fitness but your mind has still not wholly adjusted to a life without butter, ghee or chocolates. You may explain it with, "I feel full but not satisfied." In reality, your body and brain are awakening.

The fresh breeze of fitness is breathing life into the long-dormant muscles, blowing away the cobwebs of lethargy. But you are not able to see these changes, you are not able to experience these transformations. Why? Your mind still has a little cloud in it, obscuring your view. It is a cloud called memory Due to its power, it is still holding on to old habits, old tastes. It is your memory that is feeding your mental dynamo, Your memory has no analytical powers.

It is merely a reservoir of your experiences. And it does its duty by pouring its contents into your mental dynamo. Now, it is up to your mental dynamo to collect, to sift, to analyse.

For no more are the shining jewels of fitness buried inside you. They stand revealed. And if it rises to the occasion and informs you that you need not always drink an artificially sweetened cola that rushes through you causing as much damage as dirty, polluted water; if it informs you that you are free to drink unlimited fresh coconut water from the eternal fountain of fitness, and if you can listen to this pure, health-giving message and let it deluge your insides, you will have entered the wonderful world of health and fitness.

Your mental dynamo can make you see this world that is yours as a birthright a land of happiness, laughter, love, humour. Then you would begin to understand that it is not a complex labyrinth of do's and don'ts but a natural state that is so simple, so straight-forward that you are now astonished that you had not glimpsed it earlier. But there is a reason why you had not seen it earlier.

It starts from your childhood. When you were born, you were content to drink milk. But as you grew up, 'kindly' visitors handed you slabs of chocolate. Your larder was stocked with fried crunches. Your refrigerator showed rows of gleaming soft drink bottles. You learned to love these goodies.

Your taste­ buds were weaned on them, Your memory bank stored all these experiences. And nobody told you that time that all these 'goodies' were actually not good for you. But had those 'kindly' visitors presented you with baskets of fresh fruit, had your refrigerator contained coconut water and fresh sliced vegetables, your taste buds would have cultivated such preferences. Your memory bank would have stored such experiences.

And to day you would not have had any excess fat or disease, Today, you would not be bewildered at being told not to eat fried foods or sweets. On the exercising front - as a child it was natural that you played, ran, hopped, skipped, pedalled on your tricycle and bicycle. But as you grew up, your habits changed.

You travelled by car, bus, train, airplane. Meanwhile, you - continued to eat your fattening food. Due to your lifestyle - unnatural though it was - your mental dynamo too whirled in this orbit. And you accepted everything as part of life - the overeating, the non ­exercising, the consequent illnesses. But it is never too late to unlearn the old and learn the new.

However, before we go on, let us be practical, Let us see things in perspective. We are all citizens of today's world. We are going to use all the modern conveniences. We don't intend going back to the Stone Age or even the Bullock Cart Age. Our social infrastructure, our lives are such that they don't really encourage the natural lifestyle that our ancestors had.

Yet, in these changed circumstances, we want to be healthy, to be fit. We want to savor all the joys of modern civilisation. So, what should we do? All action begins with thought. As we said earlier, open your mind. Only this way, will you see the glorious possibilities that a healthy life holds out for you. Feed your mental dynamo with new information, new thought ­processes, new tastes.

Let those old memories remain in your-subconscious - tingling pleasantly. You've had more than your share of sweets of ghee, and laziness. Now you are ready for a higher plane.

There is limitless energy within you, limitless vitality that needs to be tapped. And mental dynamics, dear friend, is your path to health and happiness, to reduce your obsession with food and trigger off a vast appetite for life.

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