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Communication Anxiety Great Tips to Manage Communication Anxiety

Are you dreaded of speaking in front of a crowd? Can you perform effectively when you deliver a public speech? If your answer is NO, then you are suffering communcation anxiety. However, there is no need to worry about your situation, as you are just one of the many who have the same fear. Plus, communication anxiety is different from other types of anxiety you may know of in that it is NOT an illness and can be conquerred without medical intervention. Despite the uneasiness accompanying the symptoms of communication anxiety, experts believe that a certain degree of anxiety is actually a good thing.

It is a sign that you care for your listeners and that you would like to deliver your speech perfectly. With that in mind, the anxiety can become an incentive for good preparation and great performance. Having said it, certain technique is required to help those people who suffer a high degree of communication anxiety, and that kind of technique is what we call self-help. This article will show you 4 great tips to help you manage or effectively reduce your public speech anxiety. 1. Make Sufficient Preparation It is the experience of many that the first 3 to 5 minutes of the speech is the period when the anxiety is most intense.

After that, your mind and body tend to settle down and you are more able to "live" into the situation. Good preparation can help you easily get through the first couple of minutes and put more confidence into your message. You may also consider preparing some visual aids, such as PowerPoint, Posters, Projections, Videos, etc.

During your speech, visual aids can help you easy move from one subject to another, and you will only become more confident as you move on. Of course, you need to practice with them as much as you can before the speech. 2. Convince Yourself That You Are Excited And Not Scared Look at it this way: Speaking in public is an opportunity for you to share your views and knowledge about a topic for which you are an expert or which you are passionate about.

Isn't it exciting to be able to present yourself to others? Try to convince yourself that what you feel are the result of power and excitement, instead of fear, and that you like this feeling. 3. Practice Slow and Deep Breathing When you are struck by anxiety, your heart races fast, your muscle becomes tense, and your mind refuses to perform its normal work. Breathing deeply and slowly can help you relax while getting control over the situation.

A good way to practice is to breath in belly out, and then breath out belly in. While doing so, you can also practise counting and visualizing each number you count. 4. Fill Your Mind With Something Positive Think about the cheerful moments in your life, moments when you got a promotion, won a prize, landed a big contract, won your love, etc. Think about those people who love you and trust you, and try to picture their smiling faces.

With positive thinking, you can fill your body with energy and confidence, and you become more powerful in your battle against anxiety. To recap, communication anxiety is commonly experienced by almost all people at certain stage in their lives. If you are one of these people, there is no need to get worried as your anxiety can easily be managed with the tips shown in this article. Over the time, you will become more and more confident with yourself and your topics, and, better yet, you may even start to enjoy public speaking! Copyright (c) 2008 Sandy Adamson.

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