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All the Constituting Parts of the Volcano Vaporizer System

The Volcano Vaporizer is an innovative aromatherapy system. It is basically used to deliver active ingredients in the form of aromatic vapor. The Volcano system heats the herb or some other stuff at a temperature below the temperature of combustion. Since herbs does not burn so there is no production of toxin stuffs. Whatever is inhaled by the user is purely natural essence without any lethal substances.

So, health wise it is very amazing things. Basically, there are four parts of a vaporizer that together constitutes a Volcano Vaporizer system. They include easy valve, solid valve, Volcano classic and volcano Digit.

All the four are described below in brief. Solid Valve: This is made of stainless steel and plastics that are heat resistant. Solid valve is compatible with all Volcano vaporizer.

The big balloon lets one keep an outstanding visual check on the accumulation of vapor. There are some parts on the solid valve to direct the vapor and air. These parts are food-safe and flavorless. There are wide ranges of accessories with which the solid valve is well equipped. They include liquid pad for vaporizing liquids, spare filter, a brush to clean and extra balloon material. Easy Valve As the name suggest, this valve is user friendly, very easy to use or handle and requires minimal maintenance.

It is very robust and light in weight. This is compatible with all Volcano vaporizers available on the marketplace. It comes with zero-maintenance valve balloon.

The diameter of the filling chamber is optimum. Once the valve is not used any more, it can be replaced with new easy valve. Volcano Digit The big benefit of this volcano digit is that it comes with big LED screen, which allows user to know the operating status of the system.

With this Volcano digit, temperature can be fixed between 40° and 230°C. It reads the temperature in both forms Celsius and °Fahrenheit. To bring both reliable and clean air to the intended temperature, a self-regulating temperature fuse, silencer and air filter are naturally included in this. Volcano Classic Its robust, entirely electromechanical design make volcano classic very stylish and beautiful. It shows temperature in both Celsius and °Fahrenheit.

There is natural inclusion of a self-regulating temperature fuse, silencer and air filter to bring both reliable and clean air to the intended temperature. The temperature of vaporization can be fixed between 130° and 230°C / 266° and 446°F.

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