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Finding the perfect doctor in your local area can be a challenge. Physician Recruiters takes the leg work out of how to find one!

The ideal doctor would be one who is:

Competent; compassionate with a caring attitude ; experienced; with a well-organized practice - and has all the time in the world for you! While you may never find someone who meets all these criteria, how can you find a good doctor to take care of you?

You feel fine: no aches or pains, no shortness of breath, nothing out of the ordinary. So why should you see your doctor? Well, there are several reasons. A regular checkup, now being referred to as a periodic health examination (PHE), can help prevent diseases before they ever take hold or catch health problems at early stages when they're easier to control or cure. Another great benefit of such visits is that over time you and your doctor develop a rapport and mutual trust.

The type of doctor you should go to for a PHE is a primary care physician. These experts not only keep close tabs on their patients' health but on their use of specialty care as well. Another important part of their job is to educate you about measures that will keep serious medical problems from occurring in the first place.

The following doctors qualify as primary care: family practitioners (general practitioners) can treat everyone in your family because they're trained in several basic medical disciplines, including internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, general surgery and psychiatry. Internists diagnose and "medically" (without surgery) treat disease in adults. And pediatricians care for and treat children from birth through the teen years.

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